Resolutions for 2016: Plaque Reviews

The plaque arrived on Monday...It turned out beautifully. The members of the board asked me to pass along our appreciation to you and the others involved in creating the plaque. We are very happy with the results. Congratulations to all of you for a job well done. The plaque will be admired by many people and for many years. - Sandy in Wyoming, July 2014

Small businesses rely on client feedback.  Not only do client reviews help prospective customers decide whether they should purchase a plaque, reviews also provide valuable feedback for our studio.  Customer reviews are one of the first things people see when they perform a search on Google and Yelp. Online reviews, specifically, provide “social proof” to people unfamiliar with our small company, based on the opinions of others with similar needs. 

Our resolution for 2016 is to encourage our clients to comment on our business.  We often receive kind words from our customers via email, once a plaque is installed, and we share a portion of these reviews on our website. Going forward, we encourage our clients to write their reviews directly on our Google + and Yelp! business pages, so that your opinion can be shared with a larger community of people.


The plaque arrived and it is just BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks so much! I am referring you to a friend of mine– she saw it and loved it too.  - Jean in California, March 2015

What can we improve upon?  We find customer reviews extremely important, as they can also suggest possible changes and ways for our studio to improve and grow over time. You can send us an email with your suggestions, or write your thoughts directly on one of our social media pages.  We do our best to deliver your plaques promptly and in sterling condition.  Quality products take time to produce, but if there were ways you think we could change for the better, we would love to have your input! 

Hearing from our clients provides us with opportunities to grow and improve as a business.


THANK YOU SOOOO Much!! They’re PERFECT! Thank you also for your professionalism and patience towards working on the final product! I’m looking forward to working with you again. - Claudette in New York, May 2015

Because of the influential power of client reviews, customers also have the ability to decide whether our company is worth differentiating from other plaque-making companies.  Do you think we offer higher quality plaques?  What was your experience with our customer service team?  Was the plaque’s design to your liking?  Share your opinion and let the online community know what you think.  Most customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so your opinion can directly determine our success as a small business. 


Want to see what changes we have in store for 2016?  We have started a monthly newsletter for Masterwork Plaques, which will include valuable information about our business and new changes we are planning this year.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for fun photos and a sneak peak into our studio.