Cast Metal Plaques

About Our Masterwork Cast Metal Signage

Cast plaques are long-­lasting metal panels used for signage, dedications, trail markers, memorials and works of art. This type of plaque is created by pouring molten metal into a mold. Cast plaques are created with raised dimensional letters, a background texture, colored background and border of your choice. Masterwork cast plaques are offered in bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.

metal options

background finishes

Standard borders

ornamental borders

Mounting Rosettes

mounting options

  • Stone Mount

  • Garden Stake

  • In-Ground


  • Hidden Stud Mount

  • Inset Mount

  • Post Mount

common applications

  • dedication plaques

  • Building Signage

  • Walk of Fame series

  • Donor recognition plaques

  • Identification signage

  • Wall plaques

  • Interpretive programs

  • Portrait plaques

  • Trail markers

  • Awards

  • National Register plaques

  • Historic signage

  • Illustrative artworks

coloring cast plaques


Cast aluminum and stainless steel plaques can be customized with the color of your preference. Painted background colors can be matched to any Pantone selection. We apply three coats of a clear lacquer to all of our plaques, which acts as a protective coating against changing weather and color fading.

Masterwork Plaques applies a real chemical patina to the surface of our cast bronze plaques. Unlike a paint or stain, a chemical patina will color the background of a plaque without the risk of chipping or peeling away over time. A patina chemically changes the surface color of bronze and is especially useful for plaques that are installed outside or set in paving, as a patina will not be compromised under foot traffic or varying weather conditions.

If making price comparisons, it is very important that you specify and use a real chemical patina to color all bronze work. This is a more expensive process than what most plaque makers are willing to use. Many plaque companies will use other products with names like chem­col, polychrome patinas and graphite sprays which are simply paint.

cast plaques special additions



Bas­-relief sculptures are hand­-sculpted, artistic carvings that can depict a portrait of a loved one or colleague, pets, buildings, environments or decorative details of your choice.


Photo-­rendered images are prismatic translations of a photograph into metal. This technique uses special software to recreate a photograph in bronze or aluminum.

custom illustrations

Our in­-house designers can create a custom design, symbol or illustrated portrait for your plaque. These designs are initially drawn as black and white artwork and are then converted into raised and recessed flat-relief graphics on your plaque.