Etched Metal Plaques

about our masterwork etched metal signage

Etched plaques are created by chemically etching artwork and text into a sheet of metal. These plaques can be used for name plates, labeling systems and contemporary signage options. The etching process can render fine details, and etched plaques can be created at a variety of different thicknesses with raised or recessed lettering, beveled edges and a finish of your choice. Masterwork etched plaques are offered in bronze, aluminum and stainless steel in addition to copper, brass and zinc.

metal options

background finishes


mounting options

  • Front Mount

  • adhesive mount

  • float mount

  • hidden stud mount

common applications

  • bench plaques

  • name plates

  • labeling systems

  • wall plaques

  • wayfinding signage

  • regulation signage

COLORING etched plaques


The recessed areas on an etched plaque can be filled with the color of your preference. Background colors can be matched to any Pantone color. We apply three coats of a clear lacquer to all of our plaques, which acts as a protective coating against changing weather and color fading.

etched plaques special additions


custom illustrations

Our inĀ­-house designers can create a custom design, symbol or illustrated portrait for your plaque. These designs are then converted into etched line work on your metal plaque.

halftone portraits & artwork

A halftone technique converts a photograph into an etched illustration which uses small dots to simulate the gradient tonalities in the original image. These dots are etched into the surface of the metal and infilled with black color. This illustration style has a similar look to a black and white photo shown in a newspaper.

metal thicknesses

  • 1/4"

  • 1/2"

  • 1"

  • 1/16"

  • 1/8"

  • 3/16"