Specialty services

Masterwork Plaques provides specialized services to assist customers in complex installations and public art projects. Our team of skilled project managers is available for project consultations, artistic design services, price engineering and fabrication management.

Consulting Services

Design Specialties


Masterwork Plaques specializes in the replication of historic plaques that may have been stolen, demolished or damaged by vandalism. Our educated team of plaque makers can recognize and replicate traditional plaque-­making techniques, classic typefaces and natural aging using our workshop’s collection of decorative borders, rosettes and colored patinas. We ask that our clients provide archival photographs, original shop drawings or plaque fragments to help us match and preserve the original plaque design.


Masterwork Plaques was founded on the belief that all plaque projects should be created from exceptional designs and high quality materials. With skilled artists on staff, we are uniquely suited to create a metal product that differentiates itself from standard template-­based signage. While we provide all of our clients with a free round of designs, our specialized design services can include the development of unique graphics, illustrated portraits, dimensional elements, bas-relief carvings and customized typography.


Interpretive projects that may wish to honor the unique histories of a place or people require thoughtful planning and research. For those clients who may be new to this process or wish to outsource this work, Masterwork Plaques can offer our content research services. We are experienced at partnering with image archivists, local historians, librarians and research centers to provide a comprehensive historic timeline ready to be illustrated through a large-scale medallion or plaque series. Our studio services can also advise clients on the copyright and usage permission processes for published text and images on informative plaques.


For quantity orders and custom plaque projects, Masterwork Plaques can help guide our clients on cost-effective options without sacrificing quality. We create our metal products at competitive prices, and we always suggest that our clients create their plaques from the best materials they can afford. Working within our customer’s target budget, we will estimate the cost of manufacturing, manage production schedules and arrange shipping and logistics solutions for delivery across the U.S. and internationally.


For clients that are developing large-scale, multi­faceted installations, we offer our fabrication management services. Masterwork Plaques has working partnerships with stone and granite companies, metal fabrication and specialty shops. Working with our partners allows us to provide more than metal plaques for our clients with more complex installations. We are uniquely positioned to help supervise elaborate projects from conception to completion, helping our customers stay on budget and on time.


Masterwork Plaques can consult with contractors and project engineers to create specialized installation solutions for challenging project sites. We provide step­-by­-step install instructions with the shipment of every plaque order in addition to a comprehensive care and maintenance guide. Our mounting hardware has been designed and tested to perform successfully in a wide range of applications. Custom brackets, security screws and high performance adhesives are a few of our specialty offerings in addition to our expert advice gathered onsite from hundreds of previous installations.