Government & Military Insignias

Government plaques and military seals honor veterans, designate government buildings and memorialize historic events.


Government plaques can be tailored to any branch of service, whether it is for a memorial, military facility or government base. Masterwork Plaques can create a variety of armed service medallions, military insignias, service crests, badges and veteran memorials. These metal military plaques can be created from any of the materials we offer, from cast bronze and cast aluminum, to etched bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and zinc.




Veteran memorial plaques honor those soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who served their country. These memorials can acknowledge and appreciate a group veterans from a specific era, city or town, or an individual family member or friend. Tributes to veterans can consist of cast bronze commemorative plaques, illustrated bas-­relief carvings, photo­-portraits or honor walls. Veteran recognition plaques can be installed on a wall, at a memorial site, inset into custom plinths or be given as gifts to deserving service members. How much does a veteran memorial cost? Because veteran memorials are often funded by personal donations and fundraising campaigns, Masterwork Plaques can provide recommendations for a variety of different budgets. Our studio also provides design assistance, donor recognition plaques and the necessary hardware for installations.


Masterwork Plaques creates metal military seals for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. These seals are created using prismatic, hand­-carved details, and are created from our stock of existing military patterns. Ranging from 3” to 36” in diameter, these military crests can be incorporated into veteran memorials, military bases and government buildings. These insignias can also be incorporated into larger memorial plaques, or used as a free standing medallion. Masterwork Plaques can fabricate the graphics for these crests at any size from our stock of patterns, which helps expedite the fabrication process. All of our service crests, armed service medallions and metal military seals are made by metal workers and artisans in American foundries. To understand the requirements for military crest end users, please visit:


Our studio can create entryway medallions, dedication plaques and standard governmental signage for military bases and training facilities. These plaques can be used for general way-finding purposes for operating city, state or federal buildings or for the commemoration of historic military sites that are no longer in service. These plaques can incorporate historic details and photos of the facility in addition to related military emblems and government logos.