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Frequently Asked Questions - Installations

Plaque Installations

Does MWP perform installations?

At this time, Masterwork Plaques does not perform installations for our plaque projects. Our studio has developed specialized installation instructions which we provide when your plaque ships. This easy to follow, step-by-step guide is comprehensive with drawings of proper installation techniques in addition to care and maintenance suggestions for your plaque. We are happy to discuss the installation techniques with you over the phone and discuss best practices with your selected contractor.

How do plaques installed in the ground hold up under traffic (i.e trucks, snowplows, foot traffic, etc.)?

When our pieces are inset into streets and sidewalks, they are carefully designed and installed so that the top of the panel is even with or below grade. When the blade of the snowplow drags across the level of the surrounding street, the relief details remain at a lower level where they are safe from being sheared off. We also use a non-orbital sanded finish on all our plaque surfaces. This creates an evenly scratched surface that looks bright and appealing on the bronze plaque but hides other scratches as they occur over time.

Are metal plaques slip resistant?

We carefully design our inset metal reliefs so that there are no large, smooth areas that may become slippery when wet. The shallow relief texture of the panels acts like a tread and creates traction for people walking across the surface. In fact, we like people to walk on our metal insets, as foot traffic buffs the raised areas, keeping it highlighted and looking good!

While there are no national standards for relief work set in the paving, we follow the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standard that plaza paving disjuncture be no more than 1/4”.  The depth of our relief work, inset at grade level, is usually 3/32“ and never more than 3/16” and is therefore ADA compliant and not a trip factor for pedestrians nor a challenge for wheelchairs.

What wall mounted options do you provide? Do they cost extra?

We offer two standard mounting options at our plaque studio: hidden stud mount and front mount techniques. A hidden stud mounted plaque comes with stainless steel rods that are secured into hubs cast onto the backside of the plaque. Holes are drilled into the wall or surface where the plaque is to be mounted. The plaque’s attachment rods are inserted and secured into the drilled holes with epoxy.

A front mount it is the ideal option for a plaque that may need to be moved in the future. Front mounts are typically four holes tapped and threaded through the face of the plaque—one in each corner. The plaque is then mounted to the wall with threaded screws through each hole.

We can also provide VHB adhesive tape for lightweight, smaller plaques that do not require heavy duty mounting options.

How can I protect my plaques against theft?

Metal is expensive, so it is important to use the proper installation methods for the plaque. For exterior plaques, we highly-recommend installing the plaques using the hidden stud mount technique, as no mounting can be seen from the front of the plaque, making it harder to remove. If you must use a front mount, we suggest using epoxy to secure the screws in place for extra security. We can also provide theft-proof front mount screws, which require a special tool to remove.


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