Walks of Fame

Walk of Fame plaques are bronze commemorative inset plaques that honor individuals, achievements and events.


A walk of fame is a series of plaques that celebrates the unique achievements of individuals who share a common history. Each plaque in the series has the same or similar design (such as a star­-shaped plaque) and features the name of an honored individual. Walk of fame tribute plaques can also celebrate historic events, stories, native wildlife, etc. and can range from simple text plaques to exquisitely illustrated works of art. Walks of fame star walks are commonly used to lead visitors through a public space and often promote tourism and create a unique opportunity to foster local identity. Need some inspiration? Check out these Walks of Fame You May Not Know in our blog.



  • Honor individuals and events

  • Encourage community pride and foster local identity

  • Promote tourism

  • Educate and guide visitors through public spaces

  • Create alternative way­finding opportunities

  • Can be added to in future years

  • Recognize donors and aid in fundraising campaigns


DESIGN options

  • Community leaders and local heroes

  • Historic venues or famous appearances

  • Works of Art (Literature, music, visual arts)

  • Architecture and design

  • Local sports legends

  • Recognized donors

  • Accomplished alumni, educational leaders, historical discoveries

  • Timelines, historical events

  • Corporate campus signage ­ innovations, milestones, experiential branding, way­finding solutions

  • Star graphics

  • Background Textures

  • Unique Fonts

  • Descriptions/List of Accomplishments

  • Background Patterns

  • Hand­-carved details

  • Graphic Illustrations

  • Historic Portraits

  • Famous Quotes


Our walk of fame plaques are created in cast bronze, a durable metal that can withstand years of varying weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. Unlike star walks created in terrazzo, stone or softer metals, bronze will not crumble under heavy snowplows or stain when exposed to dirt or spills of any kind. Masterwork bronze sidewalk plaques are finished with a true chemical patina and three coats of a clear protective lacquer, which keep these metal recognition plaques looking handsome and bright for decades to come. Frequently asked questions about care and maintenance of inset plaques can be found here.