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Frequently Asked Questions - Care & Maintenance

Maintenance and Safety for Inset Plaques

I found a scratch on my plaque, what is the best way to fix it?

The easiest solution for removing fingerprints, dust and minor scratches is by simply rubbing the surface of the plaque with a microfiber cloth. This materials is soft enough to remove surface imperfections without scratching the delicate finish. If any areas are not cleared away, use water and a mild soap. Do NOT use commercial solvents or household cleaners on the plaque. If the scratch is still there, send us a picture and we can determine whether we will need to refinish the surface.

Are plaques waterproof?

All of our plaque projects are finished with a clear protective coating that acts as a sacrificial layer and weather-proof coating on the plaque. Most metals hold up just fine under water, unless pooling occurs and water sits on the surface of the plaque. In general, bronze and stainless steel hold up better over time than other metals.

How well do plaques age over time?

Metal plaques are long-lasting alternatives to plastic and vinyl signage, which are susceptible to color fading, chipping and warping. Certain metals are higher quality than others. Stainless steel and bronze plaques are the highest quality metals we offer and can last for decades. Inset bronze plaques with a chemical patina finish will stay bright and shiny in high traffic areas, as repeating foot traffic keeps the plaques naturally buffed. Inset plaques installed in low traffic areas, such as a forest trail or small town, may slightly darken over time. If you have any concerns regarding the surface of your plaque, send us a photo or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss potential solutions.


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